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PhD, Union Institute / Doctor of Social Science, University of Leicester

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Engaging clients, identifying their needs, and creating solutions that get results

Before I became a consultant, I built a foundation of talent development through a career first in the military and then in the private sector.

I enlisted in the military and entered the education and training field. I first counseled military members on their educational benefits and opportunities. Later, I managed on-the-job training programs. Rising to the rank of staff sergeant, I was commissioned as an officer, staying in the talent development field. This is where I received my grounding in talent development, receiving hundreds of hours of training and leading learning development and leadership training organizations.

Upon retirement from active duty, I entered the private sector, working in a variety of talent development positions, one of which led me to the Washington, DC area. A combination of expertise, military experience, and a PhD led to my entry into the government consulting field.

As a senior consultant with the Center for Systems Management, and later as an independent consultant, I developed and delivered technical, training, and leadership development solutions for clients such as NASA, the CIA, and DHS. Following that I spent more than a decade as an internal consultant in the federal government.  I created a series of new programs and positions everywhere I went, improving organizational capabilities and accomplishing major initiatives.

This consulting practice is what you might call my “third act.” Working directly with clients and with strategic partners, I’m back to what I do best: engaging clients, identifying their needs, and creating solutions that get results.

These days my wife Paula and I are living in Tucson, Arizona, enjoying the “Old West” feel of this great city. When I’m not on the road with clients I enjoy hitting the links, exploring the local scene, and traveling throughout the Southwest and beyond with my wonderful wife, Paula.

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