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PhD, Union Institute / Doctor of Social Science, University of Leicester

Case Studies

When you partner with me …

You get an experienced coach and consultant who leverages leadership development experience, training and development expertise, and business development acumen to expand your capabilities and your reach with your target markets.

I do this work because I love to see clients improve: their performance, their careers, their business results, and who they are as people.

Result: both my clients and my strategic partners reach their performance and business goals.

Let’s look at some specifics:

  • CIA University. My client created an outstanding project management training program, but needed more recognition for it. I got the program certified as a Registered Education Provider by the Project Management Institute and college credit recommendations for all 11 classes by the American Council on Education.
  • NASA. The Space Shuttle program was shut down after the Columbia accident. NASA needed to resume flying as soon as possible. I facilitated workshops with senior engineers to develop their new technical authorities. Space shuttles resumed flying soon after.
  • Department of Homeland Security Leadership Institute. I established the DHS Leadership Institute, a multi-tier leadership development system, improving leaders’ work performance throughout DHS.

So, let’s talk about what you need. Let’s explore how partnering with a dynamic, skilled, and experienced performance consultant can expand your reach. And because I put the “Rich Douglas” in Rich Douglas Consulting, when you partner with me, you get me. 

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