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PhD, Union Institute / Doctor of Social Science, University of Leicester

Purposeful Leadership Development Model

Have you ever felt like your “bucket” was full, or even over-flowing?


The challenge isn’t to empty the bucket.
The challenge is to have a bigger bucket. Or, in this case, a bigger you. 

Purposeful Leadership Development (PLD) helps you build that bigger bucket. Using a blended learning and experiential approach, PLD not only builds on what you’re able to do, but (more importantly) how much you’re able to do it. To accomplish this, PLD uses four elements:

  • Self—Building Capacity. People continue to develop throughout their lives. Later stages of development facilitate greater capacity for leadership. PLD is centered on growing your ability to manage ambiguity, embrace multiple perspectives, and navigate through complex situations.
  • Followers. The definition of a leader is someone with followers. But having employees as direct reports isn’t enough. What matters is how effective we are in engaging them and riving their performance.
  • Skills—Building Competency. While you increase your capabilities, you’ll want to improve your leadership, creativity, authenticity, and other highly effective skills that create business success.
  • Advanced Concepts. These are cutting-edge leadership topics that will help you hone your performance and get results.

Purposeful Leadership Development builds a bigger you AND improves your abilities. You’ll be able to see and take on more complex challenges and opportunities, be a more effective leader, and get better business results.

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