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PhD, Union Institute / Doctor of Social Science, University of Leicester

What I Do

The Methods I Use

  • Strategic Partnering. I work with consulting and talent development organizations to expand their capabilities and scope.
  • Relationship-based Consulting. I strive to create long-lasting, trusted relationships with clients, resulting in expanded and repeat engagements.
  • Training. As a Certified Professional in Talent Development© I use training to establish baseline skills, knowledge, and values.
  • Coaching. The benefits of being a Professional Certified Coach© include flexibility in developing individuals and groups, and to transfer learning to the work to improve performance.

My Areas of Practice

  • Leadership and Management Development. I provide leaders the skills to manage their current assignments, as well as prepare them to lead their organizations to future opportunities
  • Purposeful Leadership. Through training, coaching, and real-life “hot experiences, I guide leaders to later stages of personal and professional development, increasing their capacity and ability to manage more complex challenges.
  • Developing the Developer. I prepare trainers to practice strategic talent development aligned with their organization’s strategic vision and direction.
  • Higher Education. I work with colleges and universities serving career professionals to enhance their programs and leverage their capabilities into consulting practices.

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